A new demo track called ‘Creak’. Pretty good fun.

I find it crazy, that nine/ten years ago at the age of 12, I stumbled across AVGN’s first video of Simon’s Quest. I almost gave it a miss and only watched it as I thought it was going to be mockable and pathetic, but in the end, I became hooked and addicted to James Rolfe’s filmmaking and persona. Following and watching his AVGN project throughout.

None of my friends have watched or heard of AVGN before, I don’t talk about it to others, it doesn’t interfere with my life and it’s pretty unrelated to my personal interests and activities - I’m not into escapism or fantasy/sci-fi personally, I like to live in reality, but I think having something that is almost like a secret, thousands of miles away that I can follow and support is very special and has subconsciously made me really enjoy and appreciate many aspects of life.

I remember watching the first announcement that there was a plan to create an AVGN movie and thinking, that will take forever. There’s no way he’ll do it. Hard to believe that years later, it is actually finished and going around the world. Just wanted to say from a fan you will never meet - thanks for the journey so far, sincerely. Congratulations. Really looking forward to seeing how it goes in the years to come.



Joan Of Spark (Campfire Loop) by MayHeGo on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

a small loop for tumblr browsing

sound for a tough thursday rest, exohexoh clips


MayHeGo was mentioned in the newspaper yesterday! Pithy.

He doesn’t deserve this, and one day he’s going to snap.


How to use TheNeedleDrop Channel Effectively and Efficiently.

A 5 step guide on how to find new music using the needle drop.

Personally, I try to avoid step 4 as often as possible.

1. Watch the first 30-60 seconds of each video to check for a Cal Chuchesta appearance and to gain a small interpretation of the band or artist being reviewed.

2. If said band/artist initially sparks interest, pause video and proceed to research their music.

3. Source and listen to Single, EP and or Album being reviewed to form your own opinion. Opt to listen to more of the artist’s music according to own preferences.

4. Watch rest of review:

(Also applies to bands/artists you already know of and care about strongly)

a / if Anthony’s opinion is strongly against your own… Throw extreme amounts of hate towards him and his youtube channel by disliking video and leaving long winded comments about how he should give up on his career and life as his thoughts are beyond moronic.

b / if Anthony’s opinion is very similar to your own… Like the video and leave high amounts of praise for the needle drop’s reviews and the related music. Then, read through the comments and respond to any one who disagrees, using extremely offensive language.

5. Carry on with your normal life routine until the next review has been uploaded.

Repeat process.

tumblr can have this. looking forward to playing it at the MayHeGo trio’s first gig on 29th of November. It’s a song about what happens in the back mail rooms at post offices.

Cal Chuchesta tells us how we all feel sometimes.